Why Now? Tramada improves security

/Why Now? Tramada improves security

Why Now? Tramada improves security


Now more than ever cyber crime is on the rise, and with many agencies having had to reduce staff the need to secure your systems access is more critical than ever.  Naturally, your clients value and demand that their travel data is safe, secure and private.

How are you managing logins and passwords of terminated or furloughed employees? Older systems just don’t provide enough security in today’s world

With tramada’s hierarchy based user access, this is never an issue. Access can be tailored to the individual or shut off completely, leaving your data totally secure.

Our PCI DSS-compliant environment with GDPR functionality and cloud-based data storage ensures your agency’s data and your customers’ data stays private and secure, reducing risk of costly fraud incidents and maintaining trust with your clients.

Let’s have a conversation about how tramada can make your business more secure in the current technology landscape. Contact Sales@tramada.com

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