Tramada’s NDC capabilities support end-to-end booking processing, at scale

/Tramada’s NDC capabilities support end-to-end booking processing, at scale

Tramada’s NDC capabilities support end-to-end booking processing, at scale

Tramada now live with NDC

Tramada’s NDC capabilities support end-to-end booking processing, at scale

Industry-leading system enables TMCs to efficiently manage post-booking processes such as service fees, itineraries, invoicing, reporting, duty of care, and more for both NDC and (traditional) GDS bookings

DALLAS – December 3, 2018: TMCs using Tramada Systems’ industry-leading travel management data platform, tramada®, can now leverage IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) if they’re accessing NDC-enabled booking channels such as the new Qantas Distribution Platform (QDP).

The announcement of Tramada’s support for NDC – the industry standard for communication between airlines, travel agents and aggregators – is the result of close, ongoing cooperation between Tramada, Qantas and online booking tool providers.

Process efficiency regardless of booking source

Björn Böhme, Tramada’s Global Head of Product and Technology, explained, “Our post-booking automation capabilities are already market-leading. We’re now adding NDC support which is crucial for TMCs to be able to efficiently manage multiple content sources. We’ve been working closely with Qantas and key partners to understand the changes that NDC presents to booking technology, and agent mid-back office processes.

“Tramada sees NDC enablement delivering our clients two key benefits; firstly, they can access the very best content available – regardless of booking source, or even a combination of sources within a single booking – and use it to improve their customer’s experience,” he said.

“Secondly, NDC bookings are treated by tramada just like non-NDC bookings, from accounting and traveler history to the many automated outputs such as invoices, itineraries, reporting and duty of care feeds,” Böhme said. “And with all the security, ease of use and flexibility they expect from the industry’s leading travel data and process management system.”

The QDP was announced as a key part of a broader digital evolution of Qantas’ booking channels and an important step in the delivery of the best possible experience for trade partners and customers. Tramada’s investment in NDC enablement provides a roadmap for travel agencies looking to future-proof their mid-back office processes “The ability to present customers with the best available content, irrespective of their booking channel and continue to deliver operational efficiencies is the foundation for travel business growth, today and into the future,” affirmed Böhme.

Ability to forge new frontiers 

Global Chief Operating Officer of Tramada Systems’ long-time client Corporate Travel Management, Laura Ruffles, agreed:

“Utilizing our proprietary online booking tool Lightning, we are the first TMC to provide live QDP content to customers and can see post-booking process efficiencies using tramada regardless of booking content source. This is key for us as we can focus on using the power of NDC to personalize offerings for our travelers knowing that the post-booking processes will remain streamlined.

“Tramada’s capabilities, regardless of booking source, have provided us with the scalable platform we need to grow and the ability to capitalize on new frontiers, like the QDP,” Ruffles said.

Online Booking Engine Zeno by Serko is also working closely with Tramada to incorporate the richer air content from NDC sources such as Qantas’ QDP and SITA’s NDC exchange into bookings, and combining it with traditional GDS content and non-air bookings.

“Our partnership with Tramada on NDC allows us to deliver an end-to-end solution that ultimately provides Zeno and Serko customers with more choice and flexibility for corporate clients,” said Serko’s CEO, Darrin Grafton.


Tramada is an advanced platform that streamlines travel operations, data management, document production, and travel accounting. Tramada is GDS agnostic, NDC capable, and integrates with over 50 products, including online booking tools, mobile solutions, and expense systems. The plug and play design makes it easy to add the latest applications while automated service fees, markup tools, and commission management features increase revenue and drive down costs. Tramada Systems has long been the leading provider at its home in the Australasia region and is quickly gaining recognition and adoption in North America. Learn more at

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