Tramada: Why Now? Accurate and Real-time Data

/Tramada: Why Now? Accurate and Real-time Data

Tramada: Why Now? Accurate and Real-time Data

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Data corrections are often a huge issue for TMCs. Legacy systems make it hard to identify fields that are missing or incorrect. Accurate data is very important in the day to day setting but having clean, accurate data at your fingertips in a crisis is essential.

Tramada’s BI capabilities provide reporting at the agency or customer-level and make corrections directly in tramada, avoiding the need for manual entries in multiple systems and eliminating human error, using automation.

Disconnected systems mean inaccurate or out-of-date information can slip through the cracks and cause problems. That doesn’t happen with tramada because with its centralized data repository when a change is made in one area, it’s automatically updated everywhere, in real-time. Let’s have a conversation about getting your data in real-time–email me

Tramada provides cloud-based software to travel agencies and travel management companies that connects and automates previously disconnected systems and functions across accounting and policy/control operations to help save time and increase revenues. Tramada is the ‘great connector’.






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