Measure, Improve, Profit

/Measure, Improve, Profit

Measure, Improve, Profit

Measure, Improve, Profit.

Investing in any significant purchase comes with it, the responsibility to do a little homework prior to purchase. Commonly we make a list of all the must-haves and nice-to-haves, talk to others with relevant experience, consider the options, then determine transition periods and timing.

When converting to a new mid/back office like tramada® –like many SaaS purchases– the responsibility to inform oneself doesn’t end there. How to continue to gain an increasing return on investment and balance that investment with the time available can be a struggle.

For Travel Advisors, investment in time and resources to analyze performance is essential to maximizing the technology and business output. Consider profitability reporting that tramada’s embedded enhanced reporting tool, connect BI, can offer so outcomes can be measured and once measured, improved. Our most productive agencies measure:

  • Consultant productivity: What is the daily booking rate per consultant? What is their annual TTV output? Who needs coaching?
  • Supplier targets: Are airline targets being met? Are preferred hotels getting the bulk of the business? What can be redirected?
  • Hotel/Car attachment rates:   For every night away, has the hotel been booked? Where are the gaps?

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. To learn more about leveraging connect BI for improved profitability, contact us today.

  • This article originally appeared in the 26 April 2019 edition of Australia’s Travel Daily.