Bespoke need not mean “manual”

/Bespoke need not mean “manual”

Bespoke need not mean “manual”

Bespoke need not mean “manual”

Every day, the travel industry discovers new uses for technology such as the internet, robotics, and biometrics. However, the lion’s share of the travel advisor’s role remains to advise. That is, investing the time to listen to and understand their customer-then creating a bespoke experience that meets their specific needs.

And it’s this value creation that will always be core to the value proposition of a successful travel business.

One technology in particular -automation – gives agents substantially more time to devote to serving customers. That’s because many booking processes involve manual steps that are often repetitive, low-value actions which are prone to error but are necessary evils required to get the job done. By reviewing the booking process from start to finish, it’s easy to identify steps like these that can be automated.

Tramada designed its powerful Offline Automation module with this in mind. It simply takes repetitive tasks found in manual travel bookings and automates them, resulting in improved speed, accuracy, consistency and convenience that benefit both agent and traveler. The booking is still bespoke, a creation of a trusted advisor, but many manual steps are eliminated.

The manual processes often automated by Tramada agents range from adding costings to PNRs, hotel/car chargebacks and PAX references to service fees, invoicing, receipting and more.

Speak to Tramada today about how Offline Automation could benefit advisors in your business.

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